Terms of use online casino My-Casino

Terms of use

Online casino My Casino offers interaction with users on basis of public agreement presented below.

In order to avoid misunderstandings that may arise between user and casino, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with all clauses of this agreement.

The subject of this agreement is regulation of interaction between user and online casino My Casino in all that concerns order of game and fulfillment of financial transactions for real and virtual money, participation in promotions and bonus offers.

The agreement comes into force from moment of its publication on casino website: https://my-casino.net/

More actual and main is Russian version of these Terms of use.

1. Account registration in casino

  1. Registration in casino is available to persons who have reached adulthood, according to current legislation of state of which they are citizens, as a rule, it is 18 years or 21 years.
  2. By registering an account in My Casino, user fully and unconditionally accepts provisions of this agreement.
  3. User is obliged to use his account only independently and has no right to give access to his account to third parties.
  4. User must store his registration information in a place that is not accessible to third parties.
  5. User is obliged to inform casino administration about misuse of his account by third parties, in shortest possible time by any available means.
  6. One individual can have only one gaming account in casino. Creating multiple accounts per person, family, home, IP address, any environment where computers are used by different people, to a computer, to an account in a payment system or a bank card is strictly prohibited and is considered by casino administration as fraud.
  7. If user suspects of minority or fraud, administration of My Casino can verify user personal data and upon confirmation of suspicion, reserves right to block such user account, terminate payments to user and deny access to casino in future.

2. Financial issues

  1. User assumes full responsibility for use of My Casino software, as well as for possible financial risk when playing for real money.
  2. User is only party that is responsible for legality of using him personally gambling service, according to current legislation of state of which he is a citizen.
  3. When depositing funds to an account, user must exactly follow instructions available in instructions for making deposits and in «Deposit» section. Ignoring explicit prohibitions and restrictions specified in this section, removes from casino responsibility for not listed funds.
  4. All incoming and outgoing payments of My Casino are carried out through software and accounts of financial partners of casino.
  5. If there is a proven malfunction in software of casino and its partners, My Casino administration may take back improperly credited funds from user accounts and also undertakes to refund all amounts incorrectly written off or not accrued to user accounts within 7 days from date of such a failure.
  6. To deposit funds into account balance in casino, user needs to go to «Deposit» page, select payment method, specify payment amount and make payment, following instructions on payment page. After successful payment, deposit amount will be credited to account balance and information about payment will be displayed in «History» section.
  7. To withdraw winnings, user first must fill all personal data in «Profile», then submit an application for withdrawal of funds on «Withdrawal» page.
  8. Payouts of winnings in My Casino are carried out 5 days a week (weekends: Saturday, Sunday) from 7:00 to 15:00 London time. Processing of withdrawal orders, as a rule, takes no more than 6 hours. The timeframes for receipt of funds to user account can be from 1 minute to 6 working days and depend on method of withdrawal. The amount of withdrawal can not exceed: per day - 100000 RUB/6000 TRY/2000 USD/2000 EUR; per week - 500000 RUB/30000 TRY/10000 USD/10000 EUR; per month - 1500000 RUB/90000 TRY/30000 USD/30000 EUR.
  9. After withdrawal is ordered, money is debited from account and is frozen. User retains ability to cancel his withdrawal order in «History» section till withdrawal is done.
  10. After payment is made, user is notified of transaction.
  11. The casino pays winnings in currency of deposit and payment method by which deposit was made. Exceptions are cases where it is impossible to carry out such a transaction for technical or financial reasons. The final choice of method, timing and currency for payment is made by administration of My Casino.
  12. The casino does not charge commissions when making a deposit and withdrawing funds. Commissions may be levied by banking institutions and payment system operators, which casino administration can not influence. Exceptions are cases where turnover of funds (amount of rates) is less than triple deposit amount. In this case, administration of My Casino reserves right to charge a commission of 20% of withdrawal amount (deposit) to compensate for costs of making payments.
  13. In My Casino in roulette it is forbidden to systematically put mutually exclusive bets - on black and white, on even and odd, on dozens, half, etc. Remember that the main goal of the game in any casino is entertainment and a pleasant pastime, a positive and reasonable azart. Any schemes and meaningless rates with minimal risk will be considered fraud.

3. General terms and conditions for bonuses and promotions

  1. The following terms and conditions are valid for all bonuses and promotions held in casino. If user wants to use casino bonus, he automatically accepts and agrees to comply with all terms and conditions, as well as specific bonus receive conditions, if any specified in bonus description.
  2. Bonuses are offered to users only at discretion of casino. All bonuses have only one goal - to prolong game process, giving user extra money for game.
  3. The casino reserves right to change terms of bonuses or to cancel them without notice. A user who wants to receive or receives a bonus, undertakes to follow rules on casino website independently.
  4. The use of casino bonuses for enrichment is an abuse.
    Users seen in abuse are deprived of right to receive casino bonuses, all accrued bonuses will be canceled. In case of regular violations, account may be blocked.
  5. The bonus is valid only at time that is stated in advertising or information message on bonus, or on promo page.
  6. User has right to independently decide on use of bonus.
  7. A player may be awarded Free Spins (FS). To use them, you need to run a certain game in which they were credited, in the game mode "for money".
  8. The number of FS and the game (on which they are charged), as well as the user and the time of the FS action are determined by the Administration of the Site, usually all the conditions are defined in the promotion conditions
  9. After wagering bonuses or FS, the user will need to restart the page with the game to continue playing for real money.
  10. After deposit in the amount of 1000 RUB (or 20 USD, 20 EUR, 50 TRY) and more, user gets a bonus. After bonus is assigned, user has to wager this bonus. How much is credited, how much is won and how much still remains to wager, user can see in his account in the section "Bonuses".
  11. If a user receives bonuses during a deposit, then the user's previous balance (before the deposit) is remembered in HOLD and waits there until the player plays the bonus or clears the balance. In case of wagering the bonus, the user's balance is reset (no matter how much is left, 2 rubles or 300,000) and the deposit amount + bonus amount for this deposit is charged + HOLD. (For example, you had 152 rubles on your balance, you replenished a deposit for 1000 rubles, received 2000 rubles of bonuses, at this time your previous balance was remembered in HOLD and you will have 3000 rubles on your account. Next let's say you won back the bonus, and you have 15 rubles left.The balance is reset, then you are charged 3,000 rubles, which you had at the very beginning + 152 rubles from HOLD, but if you lost the bonus to zero, then you simply return 152 rubles from HOLD)
  12. A similar situation with money won in FS. (For example, you have 760 rubles on your balance, you received 15 FS in the Aloha! Cluster Pays game, 520 rubles of which won. If your FS was not a zero wager, then your 760 rubles will go to HOLD and you will receive a bonus of 520 rubles , You need to play it back or reset it just like in regular bonuses. If you don’t need to win back FS, then your balance will be 760 rubles, plus 520 rubles.)
  13. Bonuses can be canceled before the first bet. After the first bet of the game on bonuses, the user is not able to cancel the bonus received independently. In this case, the bonus is canceled only on request to technical support and the Site Administration has the right to independently decide in what amount to withdraw funds from the main balance, in each case.
  14. The user is not able to withdraw funds until he plays or clears the bonus.
  15. And once again, regardless of whether bonuses / FS are added to a deposit or not, whether these bonuses / FS are won back or not won, the deposit before withdrawal must be wagered with real money bets at least 3 times, otherwise the withdrawal will deduct a commission of 20 % of withdrawal amount
  16. Bonus is wagering only in slots. In other games, bets will simply not be counted in the wagering.
  17. The loyalty program extends to all casino users from moment they are registered.
  18. For all bets made in the "game for money" without bonuses, the “computer points” are credited to a special account (hereinafter - CP). If the amount of CP exceeds the minimum, at any time at will, the user can exchange the CP for real money, which will be credited to the real money account.
  19. CP is charged for each bet of 5 RUB or more (for USD, TRY and EUR accounts - the equivalent). It is charged 1 CP for each full 5 RUB in a bet, for example, for a bet of 17 RUB 3 CP will be credited. If the amount of the bet is less than 5 RUB, or the game is played using bonuses, CPs will not be credited.
  20. To participate in casino tournaments, general terms and conditions apply for bonuses and promotions.
  21. All registered users can take part in tournaments.
  22. Participants of tournaments automatically become all casino users who have made at least 1 bet for more than 5 RUB (USD, TRY, EUR - equivalent)
  23. In tournaments only bets made in "game for money" mode without bonuses during tournaments and for a sum of more than 5 RUB are considered (USD, TRY, EUR - equivalent).
  24. The bets in doubling game are not counted.
  25. The time, number of prize places, prize fund size and awards to winners for each tournament are announced in information message and/or on page of tournament being held.
  26. Winners of tournaments are determined by number of CP earned during tournament.
  27. The current number of CP of users participating in tournament is shown on promo page of tournament. To update data in table, refresh page.
  28. Prizes are awarded within 1 hour from end of tournament.
  29. The cacheback system involves return of a part of loss. If user is at loss by end of week, he will be credited with a cashback of between 3% and 15% of loss. It is important not to have active deposit bonuses by time cashback is credited - every Monday at 21:04 London time. Otherwise, cashback is not charged. Cashback is credited with real money and must not be wagered.

4. Responsibility

  1. My Casino is not responsible for legitimate use of gambling by user, nor is it responsible for user failure to comply with conditions and rules listed above.
  2. My Casino undertakes not to disclose to third parties personal information of users and information about financial transactions made by users.
  3. My Casino is not liable to user in event that he transfer access to an account in a casino to third parties.
  4. My Casino is not responsible for receiving by third-party registration info and/or other user data by hacking his email account or losing/stealing a mobile phone.
  5. User undertakes to use casino software only for personal non-commercial use.
  6. User undertakes not to reproduce or publish any of functional elements of casino, design elements, textual content or video clips. All materials posted on My Casino website - https://my-casino.net/ fall under copyright law on intellectual property.
  7. The casino administration has right to amend rules and operating conditions of casino without first notifying users. All changes come into effect from moment of their publication on casino's website.
  8. In case of disagreement due to interpretation of rules between user and casino, final decision remains with casino administration and is not subject to challenge.
  9. By accepting these rules, user agrees that casino administration will notify him of all events occurring in casino using e-mail specified during registration, or by other available means.
  10. Priority way of communication «casino - user» is e-mail specified by user at registration.
  11. By clicking «Sign up» button on site https://my-casino.net/ user confirms that he has fully read this text and agrees to unconditionally comply with all conditions and rules set forth in it.

5. Requisites

  1. Website: https://my-casino.net/
  2. Email: support@my-casino.net
  3. The online casino «My Casino» is operated by My Casino N. V.
  4. License for provision of services - 1739/JAZ.