Responsible gaming at the online casino My-Casino

Responsible gaming

My Casino does everything to create for its gambling visitors an atmosphere that is based on a very honest and most responsible attitude to game. We every minute try to protect our gamblers from their immoderate predilection for game process and protect people who have not attained adulthood from participating in various kinds of gambling.

Restricting playingOnline casino My Casino allows users to independently enter restrictions on game. To do this, there is a «Settings» page in your account, in which it is possible to set a deposit limit for a calendar week, as well as self-exclusion for up to 180 calendar days.

Protection of minors Casino My Casino is not interested in attracting children and teenagers to game. We are doing everything possible to ensure that persons who are under age of 18 do not take part in gambling. But, nevertheless, we are very much aware that Internet is now open for use around world and that children have opportunity to switch to gaming portals like ours. That is why we call upon all parents to support our efforts, which we are sending to protect children from negative influence of gambling of all kinds. We also very strongly ask you to install on your home PC special software that would block child's access to certain sites and programs - for example, such programs: Cyber Patrol, GamBlockNet Nanny and others.

Below we give you tips that will help you to protect child from all gambling:
- you must limit time that your children spend at computer and on Internet;
- you must protect your personal computer, on which game programs are located, with a complex password;
- you must not leave children without any supervision next to your computer on which casino site is open;
- you must store your credentials from casino (while never saving passwords in browser) in a place inaccessible to your children.

Dependency prevention Casino My Casino is fully aware that among all people for whom gambling is an exciting leisure activity, there is smallest percentage of such players who are addicted to gambling. Let's note that we take seriously existing problem. That's why, already at first request of a gambler, we immediately block his personal account, thereby forbidding him access to our online casino.

Absolutely every gambler must always remember that:
- gambling is just entertainment, not a way to get rich very quickly;
- all gambling is based only on chance, and that's why there are no special systems in world that would guarantee you a win;
- your desire to participate in game should come only from yourself;
- never can not recoup;
- you do not have to play if all money you have allocated for game is your last, or if you are expecting to earn some money to buy something, because this will constantly distract you, and, as a result, result will always be built in your favor. You have to play in a very good mood, be relaxed and most importantly - just enjoy fun gameplay.

You must remember that everyone always has an adviser. You can always get most professional help in special organizations that are created in order to help extremely gamblers: Gambling Therapy Helpline, GamCare, Gamblers Anonymous.